Conversation Club


November 6


07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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conversation, Garafraxa Cafe, group, viewpoints


Garafraxa Cafe, Durham

Garafraxa Cafe, Durham

Conversation Club is a place for people to gather and discuss their ideas and perspectives offline with other people in their community. Conversation Club is a place where your ideas will be listened too, where you can practice listening to others, where you can express yourself and where your ideas and perspectives can be challenged and enlarged. Conversation Club aims to foster a community of open exploration, diverse views, charitable listening and sensitive criticism.
We begin the evening with two short (5 minute) presentations from participants chosen from the previous month’s conversation. These presentations seed the conversation but are not meant to limit it, just a place to start. We then split into small conversation groups (of about 4 to 5 people). Each group member speaks in turn. Speaking time has a soft limit of 3 minutes per person, per turn. The opportunity to speak gets passed around the circle over and over until 8:45pm. We then reconvene as a group, get a very short impression from each group and choose speakers for next month. That’s Conversation Club!
Please arrive slightly early so we can get settled and sorted out before 7:30. There is no cost for this event.