Our Restaurants

When the pandemic started, our restaurants were among the first and hardest hit. Despite their own challenges, they worked hard to support communities, those in need, and find new and innovative ways to safely serve customers. But despite this, many of our restaurants aren’t sure if they’ll be able to keep going – the numbers just don’t work when so many tables are empty and new costs are so high.

Just as our restaurants have always been there for important moments in our lives, now we need to be here for them.

1.2 million Canadians employed
22 million meals served per day
100,000 establishments
$30 billion in wages and benefits paid to Canadians each year

When the pandemic hit, our restaurants were among the first and hardest hit. Notwithstanding their own losses, which included 800,000 jobs lost, the food services industry stepped up to serve its communities and customers, and continued to bring Canadians together – just in new and innovative ways. But despite its best intentions and best efforts, the food services industry will be among the last to resume normal operations, on a timescale stretching at least into the next 12-18 months.

Today, many businesses are now working to reopen and recover. However for the food service industry, the picture is different. Recent data from Statistics Canada shows that despite our economy slowly reopening, employment in this industry was only 75% of its February level.

Food service locations operate on thin margins when tables are full. They are faced with high fixed costs, slow winter months that are looming and working with a perishable inventory. The reality now with COVID-19 in our midst for the foreseeable future is that the necessary safety requirements both limit revenue and further increase costs. This is particularly concerning as patios will soon close for the season with little prospect for office or holiday parties coming in. With the necessary new health requirements, combined with so many empty tables, continued operation for the majority of our restaurants is uncertain. Current government lifelines are not equipped for this reality.

There are two things every Canadian can do to make a real difference for our restaurants:

  1. Pick up dinner or go in for a meal at your favourite local restaurant today.
    Our restaurants are open, doing everything they can to keep you safe and need your support.
  2. Let your elected representatives know that you support our restaurants
    …. and that our governments should too by enacting some small policy changes.

More information can be found on www.ourrestaurants.ca.

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