Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

Resources for Tourism Businesses in BruceGreySimcoe

Today, RTO7 is releasing four Staycation Tax Credit Packages to assist the tourism industry within Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties to prepare for the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit.  The four packages will assist the tourism industry by providing information for the accommodator, the consumer, the non-accommodators within the industry, with the final package for front line staff assisting the tourist with the program. (Documents can be downloaded using the links below).
The Staycation Tax Credit is for one year only and is applicable for the period of January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.
Even if you are not an accommodator, you can benefit from the Tax Credit by strengthening your offerings/experiences/packages with the local accommodator.  Idea generators are included in the Non-Accommodator Package in the “How can my business benefit from the Staycation Tax Credit if I do not sell accommodation? Section”.
The packages are produced in such a fashion that you can copy and paste the information into your documents, web site or other communication methods.
The packages, while they contain the information needed to action the tax credit the packages, are by no means comprehensive of all details and the details may or may not change as the year progresses.
RTO7 will be creating a consumer advertising campaign to promote the Staycation Tax Credit. The BruceGreySimcoe.com website will be updated by modifying our Promotions page and adding Staycation Tax Credit information on the web page as a landing page for the campaign. The packages on this page are sure to generate more views and hopefully bookings too, so be sure to populate this page with your packages. 
Packages and promotions can be added by logging into your operator profile on BruceGreySimcoe.com (note that operators must be registered and have a LIVE listing on the site to use this function). Not registered yet? Visit the Operator Registration page to get started. And, if you need help with your listing, email info@brucegreysimcoe.com
Please let us know if you have developed or enhanced your packages and offerings.  We encourage all stakeholders to prepare and take advantage of the Provincial Tax Credit, and to use these Staycation Tax Credit Packages to assist you in your preparations.  RTO7 will assist those stakeholders that wish to create and/or enhance their existing offerings to ensure that every effort is being made to maximize the credit for the tourism industry within BruceGreySimcoe. Email info@rto7.ca with questions or if you require more information.

We encourage you to share this information with your staff/management/ownership/ local businesses.

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