Creative Habit


Join the Library for The Creative Habit,

A Year of Inspiration to Make Creative Thinking Part of your Life

It’s not how creative we are, it’s how are we creative. 

Most of us have the ability to be more creative, even in the little things that make up the texture of our lives – choosing new curtains, taking away a fear of the dark for our little ones, organizing our priorities, creating and assessing our career choices.

This series provides participants with little nudges to our thinking every month – to make space for creativity, to welcome creative thoughts and overcome barriers to creativity we may not even know we have.

Join Library staff member Kimm Culkin, whose experience in teaching creative thinking and problem solving in the corporate world and the public sector has been used to develop this series, for a short session each month. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a challenge to incorporate and tips to make it happen for that month.

The first session is on the Library’s YouTube channel on Saturday, April 24th – but you can watch any time. New sessions come out on the 4th Saturday of each month.





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