EV Survey

Grey County in partnership with the counties of Wellington, Dufferin, Perth, Huron and Bruce, and the cities of Guelph, Stratford and St. Mary’s, are developing a preliminary strategy to design a regional electric vehicle charging network. We are exploring how to support more people to travel to and within our area in an electric car.

As an initial step we are conducting a survey and are looking for feedback from all residents whether they currently drive an electric vehicle or not. The surveys closes Tuesday, February 15. Respondents can be entered in a draw for a gift certificate.

Please take the survey and share it with your networks/promote through your municipal communications channels:
If you currently drive an EV, complete this survey;
If you don’t own an EV, please complete this survey.

Photo 39618696 / Electric Vehicle Charging © Wuka | Dreamstime.com

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