County-wide Support Local Campaign

West Grey Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be taking part in a County-wide Support Local campaign, the result of a collaboration between eight Chambers and Municipalities that will run through January.

You might be hearing our radio ads now, will start seeing our posters in store windows this week, and will soon enjoy contests, promotions, and special offers from your local businesses and service providers encouraging you to support local when you make your spending decisions.

Stores, restaurants, and businesses have done their best to stay open through COVID, and be there for their community. They’re a big part of what makes this community a great place to live. Now, it’s time to take care of them.

They’re run by our families, friends, and neighbours. When we support them, our entire community benefits in ripples – providing products, services, and supplies, employment opportunities, support for school breakfast programs, and sponsorship of kids’ sports teams.

The money you spend locally recirculates over and over in your community, amplifying the impact. The money you spend online or beyond your community buys you products, services, and supplies, and yet the ripples disappear into someone else’s pocket.

We encourage you to support your local stores, restaurants, and businesses, to ensure they’re here for you tomorrow.




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